This is a critical part of marketing your product. As such, we give packaging a great deal of attention and due finesse. Because we know this is the first thing every customer experiences with your products, we take it upon ourselves to go the extra mile every time to deliver nothing short of quality machinery to handle this part of your operations. We specialize in:

Liquid Packaging

  • Automatic Cup filling and sealing machine
  • Yogurt packaging machine
  • Automatic liquid packaging machine AS1000
  • Sticky Liquid filling Machine
  • Drink Mixer

Granule Packaging

  • Automatic granule packaging machine

Powder Packaging

  • Automatic powder packaging machine

Gas Filler

  • Double Chamber Vacuum packer

Automatic bottle washing

Filling and capping line

Auto vertical packaging machine

Multi-purpose locking and capping machine

Monoblock wash- fill- cap machine

Water chiller

Coding Machines

  • Color Marking Machine
  • Hot Code Printer
  • Ink-Cup Date Coding Machine
  • Automatic Ink-Jet Printer